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OSU / Orphan Safe Unit New Initiative...
OSU / Orphan Safe Unit

How would you feel if your son or daughter were made a sex slave? A horrific and inhumane type of abuse. What lengths would you go to to stop it? This is your invitation to be a part of this very specialized unit....More
Live Entertainment - NRL, NASCAR, Hollywood, Extreme Sports, Concerts
The largest and most exciting function of OSU Tour is our “Live Entertainment”. We perform these shows specifically for military soldiers. Our shows are specifically geared to be intriguing to the hard core soldier...More
Children of Fallen Soldier Camps
There are needs no government program can fill. Fathers who have died in Iraq. As a component of OSU Tour we seek to provide quality father mentors for the children of fallen servicemen. Can you even begin to imagine the pain of a young daughter after her hero dies? More
Armed Forces Fathering Initiative
Challenging men to impact their families, and ultimately their world, through fulfilling the proper role of the father...More
Tough-Man Meetings - Prepare troops for life's challenges
OSU Tour has immediate opportunities for expanding its impact on our armed forces...More
School Assemblies for Military Children
Our school assembly programs are primarily designed to motivate youth of all ages to reach their potential both inside and outside of the classroom. Our programs focus on inspiring students to see their potential and live for the future, not just for the moment...More

Sports Clinics for Military Children

OSU Tour is taking an active part in enhancing the performance of children’s sports skills among military families by offering sports clinics that will be hosted by professional athletes...More

PTSD - Help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Our last year of meetings included many discussions and training in regards to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD. Our recent discussions with military commanders returning from Iraq about the conditions of their troops were very alarming. The statistics facing our troops returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan remain unsolved by the admittance of our armed forces...More
Supply Airline Tickets to spouses of hospitalized troops
We would also like to supply airline tickets for mothers and wives to see their sons and husbands injured in combat and in hospitals overseas...More
Military Ironman Competition
Compete against your fellow soldiers for the title of “Military Ironman.” Competition includes powerball, jousting, longest throw, fastest speed throw, NFL strength tests, hardest puncher, all sorts of feats of strength, races, etc...More
Military Truck Giveaway / Brothers in Arms Wounded Warrior Trade School
If you didn't already want one of these, you will after you see one. Even if you didn't know what a M35A2, 2 1/2-ton truck was, chances are good that you've seen a military 6x6 before. This vehicle served our country since WWII and only recently left current service. They were built by a number of American automakers, including Kaiser, from the '50s through the '70s. Yep, the same Kaiser that brought you the M715 and other military vehicles manufactured this bad-to-the-bone giant 10 wheel drive truck from the mid-'60s through the early '70s...More

Fort BraggFort Bragg
Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces...More

Fort Hood Texas Fort Hood
Home to over 165,000 Military Personnel...More
The Pentagon The Pentagon
27,000 employees including Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of Defense & The President...More
Wounded Warrior Retreat Wounded Warrior Retreat
WOW! I was so moved throughout the whole weekend with the warriors. We should all be so proud of the high price our soldiers have paid for “YOU and me”. The pain our troops feel is real, and depression is intense as they ponder what they’ll do with the rest of their lives while disabled. “What else do you do when you’ve been in 17 years,” said one 35-year old man during our sessions...More 
Soldier - Iraq & Afghanistan Iraq & Afghanistan
On the most dangerous soil in our world, we’re taking a team of performers, professional athletes, and celebrities on a mission, that will be both entertaining, as well as lend tremendous solitude to our men and women stationed in the war torn countries of Iraq & Afghanistan. We are very excited about this opportunity and yes we are willing to go to the front lines of danger...More

Free Tickets for Military Personnel
NHRA & IHRA Drag Racing

For a schedule of your local race track or to get free tickets online click this link or go to: http://tinastullracing.com

Tina Stull is the driver of a Top Dragster/Super Comp car sponsored by Interstate Batteries and Mac Tools.
Special Thanks to Tina for her continuous help to support our Troops. Please visit her pit. She loves to meet the Troops, and she strives to better their lives through her relationships.


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OSU Tour is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and relies totally on donations to serve our troops.
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The Military is Suffering

The most fierce fighting force in the world is losing the most important battle of their lives  ̶ The War at Home

The open door OSU Tour has to make an impact, may only come once in history. The timing is now! Consider partnering with us and make a donation to send us to the next Military base or war. $20 dollars could free the next soldier.

MWR Slide Show

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